Past Installation Views

Grazia Toderi

On September 14, 2013 Sonnabend Gallery will open an exhibition of video projections by Grazia Toderi.

Patrizia Magli writes:
“Grazia Toderi’s video is material, but of a rather singular, ‘incandescent’ materiality, if one can refer to it this way, brought to an extremely high temperature, where only fires, energies and light pulsate. It is an indistinct magma, an undifferentiated continuum of possibility. It is, as Saint Augustine would say, formless matter, halfway between being and nothingness, virtually heralding possible forms, terrestrial and stellar words that gradually take shape and then dissolve through slow chromatic mutations, in the almost imperceptible succession of light and darkness. From this glowing magma there surfaces the sometimes recognizable nocturnal image of a city, with its geometrically defined thoroughfares, as in some of Grazia Toderi’s previous videos that focus on cities seen from above, and where runways are configured, marked by small lights whose totality evokes celestial constellations.”

“I imagine video like a fresco consisting of a shining light, as I cannot forget those marvelous frescoes in Assisi or in Padua. I am enthralled by its iridescent and impalpable material, and by the fact that it is not an object and that it is weightless (and that it also has the discretion of being able to disappear when it’s turned off). Above all, I try to underscore a different and infinite time such as that of painting”
– Grazia Toderi





Grazia Toderi

September 14 - November 2, 2013
5 to 7 PM