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The Childhood of Bertolt Brecht

On September 17, 2011 Sonnabend Gallery will open The Childhood of Bertolt Brecht – an exhibition of new works by Matthew Weinstein.

Matthew Weinstein’s new computer animated cabaret, The Childhood Of Bertolt Brecht, is a non narrative tale of disillusionment and greed, enacted by a baby monk, a small dog, three swindling pigs, a singing koi, and an old man who lives inside a roast chicken. The setting is a town made out of hammered copper and gold, inspired by 60’s ‘wall art,’ and the angular distortions of German Expressionist theater sets.

The Childhood of Bertolt Brecht is Weinstein’s sixth animated film. As in his other animated films, Weinstein begins by writing a script and then, collaborating with his animation studio, he creates, develops and animates these characters. Actors are chosen to create the dialogue track (in this case, Tony Award winning actors; Blair Brown, John Benjamin Hickey and Dennis O’Hare) and a musical score is created (composer and DJ, Francis Harris).

Weinstein will also be exhibiting a new group of paintings based on the sets and characters he developed for the animated film. Using precision stenciling, air brush and paint brush, Weinstein’s paintings give form to his projected images. They are solidified reflections of his virtual world; a copper and gold sunset, a soldered copper forest, a hammered copper and gold town and a Koi wrapped in copper musical notes.

A new sculpture, Piggy Bank, will also be included in the show. Based on the pig character from The Childhood of Bertolt Brecht, Piggy Bank is a cast aluminum and painted grinning pig who balances on his fat stomach.

The exhibition will continue through October 29.



The Childhood of Bertolt Brecht

September 17 - October 29, 2011
Reception Saturday September 17
5PM to 7PM