Past Installation Views

Gilberto Zorio

On Saturday May 3, Sonnabend Gallery will open an exhibition of works by Gilberto Zorio

Throughout Zorio’s body of work, the five pointed star has been a recurring and important image. In this show, a series of large metal stars are exhibited – each in a state of flux introduced by either sparks of electricity or the hissing movement of compressed air. Another work,“Stella di giavellotti,” is a star formed by crossed copper javelins, tools that represent an extension of both arm and thought, allowing one to touch distances not accessible by the body alone. Also on view is “Giunchi con arco voltaico,” consisting of a bunched cluster of reeds extending from the wall and activated by timed bursts of electrical energy.

Gilberto Zorio rose to prominence in the 1960s as part of the influential Arte Povera movement, which was characterized by the use of unremarkable materials such as concrete blocks, copper pipes, rubber tubes, wires and animal hides. His work often incorporates alchemical themes and is engaged with ideas of matter in a state of transformation – sometimes represented by sparks of electricity or phosphorescent liquids and inks.


Gilberto Zorio

Opening Saturday May 3, 2014
5 to 7 PM