Past Installation Views

Carlito Carvalhosa
Possibility Matters

On Saturday May 3, Sonnabend Gallery will open Possibility Matters, a two room installation by Carlito Carvalhosa.

In these rooms, the floor is lined with rows of glowing flourescent tubes and the space is interrupted and criss-crossed from floor to ceiling by dozens of large wooden shafts, disrupting the usual flow of movement through the gallery rooms and thus altering perception of the interior. The heavy poles, the kind usually used to support telephone lines, puncture the walls and descend from the ceiling to rest upon transparent drinking glasses, creating a flow of light and gravity. For Carvalhosa, material is not a barrier to the enactment of an idea, the material is the fulfillment of the idea.

Carvalhosa’s work is an ongoing exploration of the reconfiguration of architectural spaces, often via unexpected juxtapositions of interior/exterior objects and everyday materials.



Carlito Carvalhosa Possibility Matters

Opening Saturday May 2, 2014
5 to 7 PM