Past Installation Views

Carlito Carvalhosa

On February 25, 2012 Sonnabend Gallery will open an exhibition of new work by Carlito Carvalhosa that makes use of light, fabric, aluminum panels and sound to create an installation in real and illusory space.

In the first room of the exhibition, the space is filled with rows of draperies of thin, translucent fabric that define narrow passageways. These walkways are filled with a cold and diffused light emanating from a regular series of fluorescent tubes mounted on the walls. The usual flow of movement through the gallery space is disrupted, altering perception of the interior and creating new areas of light and dark, shadow and silhouette.

In the second room, a regular series of fluorescent tubes on the floor and far wall also define narrow corridors – here with shafts of light. Aluminum panels are mounted on facing walls: one wall consists of a series of non-reflective metal punctuated with irregular indentations. The opposing wall features mirrored panels painted with a brilliant blue that outlines almost recognizable forms.

Carvalhosa’s manipulation of light and space is simultaneously an act of concealment and revelation.

The exhibition will continue through March 17.
Please contact the gallery for further information.

Carlito Carvalhosa

February 25 - March 17, 2012
Reception Saturday February 25