Past Installation Views

Carlito Carvalhosa
Jeff Koons
Barry Le Va
Robert Morris

A full scale labyrinth installation by Robert Morris is on view at Sonnabend Gallery in the courtyard.

Robert Morris has said of his labyrinth works:

“The labyrinth is a form that recedes back beyond memory. And it seems to have been a kind of metaphysical architecture, one that was never actually built in ancient times but rather inscribed in petroglyphs, or stamped in coins, and later manifested in mosaics or depicted in paintings. Beyond its origins being shrouded in the unrecoverable past, its function in ancient times remains a subject of endless speculation. Metaphors rise and fall here; labyrinthine meanings are reflected in the form itself.”

“I think of Wittgenstein’s remark about how language is a labyrinth of paths; approached from one side one loses one’s way. So too forming with the non-linguistic can become labyrinthine, coherent from one side, not from another. Within the ‘labyrinth’ a paradox is allowed: we lose ourselves to find ourselves.”






Carlito Carvalhosa Jeff Koons Barry Le Va Robert Morris

May 11 - July 31, 2013
5pm - 7pm