Past Installation Views

Candida Höfer
Villa Borghese

On November 9, 2013 the Sonnabend Gallery will open “Villa Borghese,” an exhibition of new photographs by Candida Höfer.

These images of the Villa Borghese were taken during a special installation that returned to the villa many of the ancient masterpieces that were part of the original Borghese collection but were sold by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807 and are now part of the Louvre Museum’s collection.

Candida Höfer’s images are the evidence of this special installation at the Villa Borghese and, in turn, Höfer’s images were also exhibited at the Villa Borghese. Using natural light and long exposures, Höfer not only captures the architecture and arrangement of objects in these spaces, but also transforms them in such a way as to make the invisible become visible.

The Portuguese writer José Saramago has written of Candida Höfer’s work: “It is hardly original to say that all photographs are silent, but in these images the silence draws depth from the emptiness, whilst the empty space draws on the silence to become, at last, absolute.”

The exhibition will continue through December 7.

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Candida Höfer Villa Borghese

November 9 - December 7, 2013
5 to 7 PM